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Avoid the uncertainty of rejection—entrust your documents to seasoned Apostille Facilitators.

In need of authenticating a U.S. document for international use?

Dreaming of a picturesque destination wedding?

Requiring international recognition of corporate documents for a Hague nation?

Chances are, you’ll need those documents Apostilled before they hold any legal significance overseas.

Curious about Apostilles?

As per the California Secretary of State, an Apostille is a certificate validating a public official’s signature on a document, allowing it to be used in another country.
Furthermore, it confirms the genuineness of the official’s signature, their role in the matter, and where appropriate, the seal or stamp on the document.
In simpler terms, it signals the receiving country that The Secretary of State or The Secretary of the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. has given it the green light.
Navigating this process can be daunting. That’s why relying on an untrained Apostille Agent is a risk you shouldn’t take.
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According to the California Secretary of State an Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the signature of a public official on a document for use in another country.

And it certifies:

  • The authenticity of the signature of the public official who signed the
  • The capacity in which that public official acted, and
  • When appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears, a notary public seal.

Adoption Dossier
Articles of Incorporation
Authorization of Agent
Background Checks (State, FBI)

Birth certificates

Car Titles
Certificate to Foreign Government – CFG
Certificate of Free Sale
Certification of Free Sale – FDA

Certificates of Good Standing

Certificates of Incorporation

Certificate of Incumbency
Certificate of Naturalization
Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice
Company Invoices
Corporate Power of attorney
Criminal history reports

Death certificates

Diplomas – High School, College, University, Trade School

Divorce decrees
Driver’s License (copy)
Driving Record (DMV)

FBI Background Check
FBI Records
Federal Aviation Administration Letters – FAA

GED Diploma and Transcripts
Hiring Documents
IRS Form 6166
Marriage certificates
National Archives

Petition for Name Change
Power of Attorney
Report Cards

Single status affidavits
Social Security

TEFL/TESOL Certification
Transcripts – High School, College, University, Trade School
Travel Consent Letter

U.S. Coast Guard Letters
U.S. Passport (copy)
U.S. Patent and Trademarks – USPTO

Vehicle Title Registration – DMV
Wedding certificates

Apostille Fees:

  • $175 – $250 – First document
  • $75 – $150 – Each additional document
  • $100 – $200 – Expedited services
  • $20 – $200 – Expedited shipping (USPS, FedEx or International)

Additional Services:

  • $75 Courier Service (up to 25 miles)
  • $50 – Provide one witness
  • $35 – Deliver to FedEx or UPS (does not include shipping costs)
  • $20 – $200 – Shipping (USPS, FedEX, UPS)
  • $25 – Print documents (up to 200 pages)
  • $25 – Scan and email documents

The timeline for processing your request is influenced by several factors. The duration varies based on factors such as the document type, its place of origin, and the destination country where you intend to use it.

For our standard processing service, the typical timeframe is between 30 to 45 days. To expedite the process and receive your documents faster, we recommend opting for our expedited service. For the swiftest results, consider utilizing
overnight shipping and reliable courier services.

While we cannot guarantee an exact return time, our expertise allows us to provide accurate estimates, ensuring a more precise expectation. Let’s have a conversation today at (951) 444-0029 to discuss your needs and tailor the best solution for you.

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Notaries are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or draft legal documents. Please have your documents ready before calling for an appointment.
Some notarizations require the signer to be placed under oath, confirming the document is true and correct.