Hospital Signings

We can perform notary signings in healthcare facilities.

Do you require a notary profressional to notarize documents while you are at a hospital? Our professional is ready to help. We know how hospital signings may take extra time for patients who may have issues with alertness, positive identification, and other challenges because of their health. 

That’s why, we offer flexible services that make it more convenient for them to complete legal and financial documents. You can count on us to ensure the validity of important documents and offer a prompt turnaround time for your satisfaction.

We will handle your signing with care and empathy.

Watching your loved one being wheeled into an operating room can be emotionally overwhelming. You’re wondering if the doctors are prepared, will the staff treat them with compassion, or will they return to the room?
I empathize with your concerns.
When you call WordStroker Mobile Notary, you’ll never have to leave your loved one’s side. We will handle your signing/notarization with the utmost care. We notarize health care directives, power of attorneys, estate documents, deeds, titles, just to name a few.

In some cases, we can pick up and drop off your document. We are prepared to help; just ask.

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Notaries are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or draft legal documents. Please have your documents ready before calling for an appointment.
Some notarizations require the signer to be placed under oath, confirming the document is true and correct.