We can notarize legal documents, so they can be legally binding.

Have your legal paperwork or estate documents notarized with ease and convenience when you work with our professional today. Get professional, reliable notary services and prompt turnaround times.

Jail Signings

When it comes to jail signings, the process may take some time, especially when one does not have a notary professional they can call on right way. However, we make it more convenient for you with our mobile notary services. Our notary professional is certified to oversee jail signings in detention facilities within California. They can visit your respective detention facility and undertake the authentication and signing of your documents, including the power of attorney, deeds of trust, letters of permission, just to name a few.

back view of security guard leading criminal in handcuffs

Trust and Estate Signings

Trust and estate documents typically require a signature from a notary professional in order to be legally binding. If you’re looking for an experienced professional who can accommodate you anytime and any place, you can count on us to get the job done for you. We can oversee your trust and estate signing, provide witnesses, verify documents, and notarize pertinent documents to seal the deal. 


Notaries are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or draft legal documents. Please have your documents ready before calling for an appointment.
Some notarization require the signer to be placed under oath, confirming the document is true and correct.