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I will come to you.
Have you ever found yourself asking, where’s a notary when you need one? That’s exactly what I said before becoming a notary. Coming across a notary was like looking for a needle in a haystack, and trust me, I don’t want you to experience this ever again.
You see, convenience is my motto! I can meet you at your home, office, public venue, or a local Starbucks during business hours or afterward. It’s your call. Whether you need a power of attorney, quitclaim deed, or passport application notarized, WordStroker Mobile Notary is just a phone call away.
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Complete the intake form or give me a call at 951-444-0029.

Whether it’s financial documents that need to be notarized or legal documents that need to be verified and signed to warrant legal power, you can trust the job to our notary professional. They can oversee the authentication of your financial and legal documents for a safe and smooth transaction. We provide flexible services and hours, so we can meet you whenever and wherever is most convenient. Our general notary work includes the following:

Power of Attorney
Vehicle and Motor Transfers
Firearm Application
Passport Application
Travel Form
Advanced Medical Directives
Witness Statements

And More


Acknowledgement Signature Per Person: $15

Jurat Signature

Per Person: $15

Deposition Witness:
Oath and Affirmation:


Notaries are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or draft legal documents. Please have your documents ready before calling for an appointment.
Some notarization require the signer to be placed under oath, confirming the document is true and correct.